Sites on .RECORDS domains
Access sites with a Handshake resolver like Fingertip or Beacon.
catalog.records →
zora.records →
futuretape.records →
headlesschaos.records →
audius.records →
turnable.records →

What is .RECORDS?
1. An on-chain namespace for artists and the music community.
2. Subdomains on Ethereum issued via the Impervious Registry Protocol.
3. A top-level domain anchored in the Handshake root.
How are names distributed?
Inspired by Handshake's reservation system, select names are reserved for on-chain artists, on-chain orgs, independent record labels, and major labels. Since the registry only thinks in terms of second-level domains, reserved artist and org names are "converted" to SLDs. All other names are available for public registration.
What can I do with .RECORDS domains?
Domains can be used as usernames across protocols and platforms. Like ENS, but for music.Domains can also work with websites by adding DNS records on-chain in the name's Details section.
How do I access .RECORDS websites?
A Handshake resolver will enable access to .RECORDS domains with ANY browser of your choice. Try out Fingertip on desktop or Beacon on mobile.
How do I host sites on .RECORDS domains?
Compatible we hosting tools include Vercel, Spheron, and Varo.
What does the future hold for .RECORDS?
The .RECORDS Registry can continue to innovate as a music-specific namespace by building around artist identities and upgrading the registry controller to support new functionality over time.